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Un Denneny

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Un Denneny
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My Background

I was born and raised in South Korea. After graduating from high school, I attended University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature.

When I was 23 years old, my family and I immigrated to the United States. In 1988, we moved to Seattle and later raised two beautiful children. When my children started school, it gave me an opportunity to pursue my career in the insurance industry.

I went through a significant amount of training and gained extensive knowledge and experience. This is when I decided to start my own Farmers Insurance agency with a focus on serving the Asian community. During this time, I became one of the top agents in Washington state. After 12 years with Farmers, I realized I could be more successful as an independent insurance agent, so I opened my own agency and called it Key Harbor Insurance – a full service personal and commercial insurance agency.

Growth and Changes

We experienced rapid growth and built one of the largest Korean agencies in the Puget Sound region. Within the first 2 years, one of our many successes was becoming a Progressive Platinum agency in Washington with over one million dollars in premiums. During this time of growth, we expanded our services to include Medicare insurance. In order for Key Harbor Insurance to continue its rapid growth model and serve our clients at the highest level, I took on two partners in 2017.


The tremendous growth and changes has blessed me with the time and energy to focus on my deepest passion: creating a company focused solely on meeting the needs of seniors and their health care insurance requirements. I named this new company Key Insurance Solutions. Utilizing my vast experience in the Medicare and Health and life insurance area, I plan to humbly serve my senior clients and Small business Health Insurance with the compassion and respect they deserve.


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Kishwar Feroz

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Kishwar Feroz
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King, Pierce, Sammamish, kitsap counties

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Gary Floring

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I am a retired Navy civilian, who later worked as a contract representative for Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) insurance for federal employees. After becoming aware of the complexities of Medicare plans and the challenges of obtaining Veterans Administration (VA) benefits for those who have served our country, I become a strong advocate for educating others in ?Medicare 101.?

If you need guidance through the intricate web of federal retiree health coverage, veterans? benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Rx drugs, dental, vision, and other benefits, please contact me for a free, no obligation ?Medicare Minute.? I also provide no cost, side-by-side spreadsheets comparing the numerous features of Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans in your area.

Changes in these plans occur every year. Let?s review those changes to see how they could possibly affect your budget. We?ll carefully navigate through the Medicare Maze together, so you can narrow down the overwhelming choices for YOUR individual situation. I proudly serve residents of Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap counties. Call or e-mail me today!


“Thank you ever so much for all your help making sense of Medicare options for me. Your can-do attitude, patience, and follow-up to all my questions was invaluable. I appreciate your knowledge and ability to allow me to take my time whilst reviewing the advantage plan with Regence in Jefferson County, and all the other supplements available to me. As we discussed, making healthcare decisions is always personal and can be a bit overwhelming. You made the process easy, streamlined and understandable.?
– Max Painter, Jefferson County

Clallam, Jefferson, and Kitsap

(360) 633-7626

Peggy Ford

Washington and Idaho

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John Fox

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Hello. My name is John Fox. I have been assisting people with their insurance needs since 1994 and know that proper planning and annual monitoring are the keys to being prepared for the inevitable changes in our lives and health, as we age.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ insurance plan that is right for everyone. There is not even one insurance company that is best for everyone. That is why I represent many different companies in Washington and Idaho. I want to make sure that I can look at your specific situation so that, together, we can choose the most appropriate solution for YOUR Medicare needs.

I am available to my clients ,who have needs or questions, throughout the year- not just during the annual Medicare Open-Enrollment period.

Please contact me to discuss your insurance planning needs and options. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your advisory team.


(509) 990-1886

Jacque Fuller

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Serving the states of Washington and Oregon. Based out of Tri-Cities, WA.

Jacque has been in the insurance business since 2019. Her passion is helping clients maneuver through the confusion of insurance information to a place where they feel confident in making the best decisions for their situation. Through education, the aim is to protect the client’s budget, lifestyle, and future.

Jacque came from a long career in project management. She is the wife of a long career insurance agent. She enjoys her time as a mother, grandmother, and pet lover. Adventures in exploring this beautiful country with family and friends and helping others is what makes her day!

Washington & Oregon

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Maureen Harkcom

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Hi from Maureen Harkcom. I grew up in Lewis County and currently live near Chehalis, Washington. I am licensed in Washington and Oregon to assist you with your Medicare Solutions. As a senior citizen, I know how confusing it was for me when I turned 65 to pick a plan that I felt sure was the best for me. We each have different health issues/concerns and financial situations. Those two factors result in different plans meeting our individual needs. I feel my strength is explaining clearly and reducing confusion so you pick a plan that you truly feel is the right fit for you.

I am available throughout the year to answer questions and explain options so you can pick the plan you are confident gives you the ‘bang for your buck’ you are looking for. Please feel free to contact me whether you are turning 65 or leaving employer insurance and looking for an initial plan, or are considering changing to a different plan. We can work together on your insurance need.


Southwest WA

(360) 245-0455

John James

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John has 25 plus years as a business owner. In 2014 he made the decision to focus on the needs of individuals insured by Medicare. This decision has allowed John to maintain up to the minute knowledge of the Medicare market and laws that affect those of us on Medicare.

As a Medicare insurance broker John represents highly rated companies providing Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, dental insurance, and other insurance products. Representing multiple insurance companies gives John the ability to work with you to find a health plan that fits your healthcare needs.

While John’s office is in Ballard his clientele extends from Skagit county south to the Oregon boarder. John is also licensed in Idaho.

To reach John simply click on the link above. You will receive a prompt response.



















(206) 693-4110

Joyce Joneschiet

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Not sure what are the first steps you need to take for your healthcare?

Are you confused by Medicare and what is required?

Having a difficult time trying to figure out what is the best plan for you and your needs?

Do you really have the lowest cost plan available and if so, will it adequately cover what you should have for your future?

You need someone in your corner that listens and understands where you?re coming from.

Someone who has been there and can find the solutions to your questions.

Someone who can give you options and develop a plan, enrolling you in your best choice ? without any cost to you!

Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) has been working with seniors for over 10 years; first as an interior designer who started Encore Living Interiors in 2008 to provide a service that seemed to be missing for those seniors and baby boomers who want to age in place in their own home. Especially for those who want not only to have a safe home that assists in fall prevention but also is comfortable and beautiful at the same time. She saw the need to design spaces that could also accommodate the disabled and injured veterans with homes that could be enjoyed and bring dignity and pride into their environments.

She published Encore Life Magazine, a free quarterly digital magazine and blog that offers resources, articles, and tips to baby boomers on travel, money & finances, aging in place and health and wellness. Joyce was also the radio show host of Encore Living Radio, a weekly show that?s a lively & provocative discussion with baby boomers & seniors providing solutions & resources to the active life. Since then, she?s been seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.

In 2014, she closed her business to take care of her parents full time for 2 years at home. As she navigated the Medicare system for them, it became apparent to her that there had to be an easier and better way to understand what seniors and their families needed. She went to work in the insurance industry to make a difference. Now she is available to help you and your family find the best solutions for your needs with understanding and compassion.

Call now for a free consultation at 253-221-3592 or email


(253) 221-3592

Jack Korolsky

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Jack’s many years in the insurance industry and management give him a broad understanding of coverage and benefits. Choosing to specialize in Medicare and individual health plans allows him to focus his expertise on the needs of each client. Being a broker allows Jack to use the information you provide about your personal healthcare needs, to find the right company and plan for you.

As an independent insurance broker specializing in Medicare Health Insurance, Jack is certified to represent highly rated plans offered in the state of Washington. Among the Medicare Insurance he offers are Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription drug (Part D) and Dual Special Needs Plans. Also offered are individual health (under 65) and Dental. This array of choice is essential to assist each client to help them choose the right plan at the right price point for them. Jack works mainly in South King and Pierce Counties but has clients throughout the state.

Just click on Jack’s link and he will happily setup an appointment for a complementary review.

Federal Way

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Michele Kubota

John Kuehnle


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Steve McPeak

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Washington and Oregon

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Pam Miller

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Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, & florida

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Deborah Myers

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Do you have:

  • Difficulty navigating the Medicare system?
  • The plan that covers your wants and needs at the lower cost option?
  • The right coverage at the lower premium?
  • The plan that covers your medications at the lower cost?
  • A plan that travels with you?

Deborah?will answer your questions, guide you through the system, evaluate your medication costs, provide an analysis of your plan options, and help you enroll in the plan that fits your needs the best. All at no cost to you!


  • Always does what is right for the client
  • Is an R.N. with more than 30 years of experience
  • Is a Licensed Insurance Broker working primarily in Pierce, King and the surrounding counties in Washington state for more than 12 years
  • Appointed with a wide variety of the top quality insurance companies including:
      Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Dental, Vision, Supplemental Accident and Hospital Plans
  • Medicare health plan trained, tested, & certified annually
  • Provides consulting, enrollment, and servicing – All at no cost to you!

Deborah has helped hundreds of others analyze their options and navigate these difficult choices, and she is prepared to help you.

Call now- 253-987-5859 or

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Kansas, Hawaii, Florida, Arkansas, & Arizona

(253) 375-1710

Sharon Nair

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Medicare can be overwhelming at first. Having someone there to help you through is invaluable. Even if you have had Medicare for years, you may not know all the options available to you. Special needs cases require more attention and detail. If you can relate to these factors, you are not alone. Let someone like Sharon Nair help you through. She is a thorough, patient, and caring Independent Insurance Agent who is certified with multiple highly rated Healthcare companies offering Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plans. She works with you to identify what fits your budget, health needs, and lifestyle so you can move on to what matters most in your life. Sharon will proactively review with you annually any changes that effect you and remains available throughout the year for assistance in your Medicare Insurance needs. Being dedicated to supporting you is no cost to you, so why wait? Contact Sharon Nair for a consultation today.





Medicare Insurance Licensed and certified in Washington State























(206) 778-7561

Neal Phipps

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Neal has assisted clients with their insurance needs since 1994, specializing in Medicare for the last 7 years. He helps those new to Medicare with the timing of and enrollment in Medicare, and interpreting Medicare?s vocabulary. He also helps them learn how Medicare works, what it covers, what it does not cover, and helps them select and enroll in the best Medicare Health plan for their needs to cover what Medicare doesn?t cover.

He also helps existing Medicare beneficiaries review their current Medicare Health plans and determine whether changes are necessary to improve their healthcare and prescription drug benefits.

Since there is not one Medicare Heath plan that is best for everyone, or even one insurance company that is best for everyone, Neal represents 12 different insurance companies so he can help his clients select the most appropriate Medicare Health plan and Prescription Drug plan for their needs.


(425) 985-1865

Dan Redler


(206) 235-5373

Ty Rutherford

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Ty has more than 27 years of experience as an insurance agent/broker in the South Puget Sound area. He represents many different companies and highly rated plans for Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug and Dual Special Needs Plans. Ty works closely with his clients to provide coverage options that are suited for their individual needs.

Please click on Ty’s link if you’re interested in a complimentary review.



(206) 271-1377

Eric Suhadolc

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Eric was VP and Operations Manager of a manufacturing company for 35 years that supplied companies like Ethan Allen and Drexel Heritage with beautiful, hand crafted brass lamps. He has, also, enjoyed volunteering in a number of non-profit organizations including INCCA for Housing. Under Eric’s leadership as Chairman of the Board, INCCA was able to construct 170 federally subsidized apartments and to build and sell 13 townhouses at cost.

He has brought his business skills and his deep care for the community to the Medicare Insurance business. He represents many of the PNW’s best insurance companies and will find the plan that fulfills your needs for the least amount of money.

Eric lives in Kitsap County. To contact Eric, either click on the link or give him call.



Bainbridge Island

(360) 644-7272

Archana Sunil


(425) 615-1268

Karla Vitalone


(425) 443-3040

Russ Worley

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Russell is an Independent Insurance Broker specializing in Medicare Health Insurance with We Speak Medicare. After devoting almost thirty years to improving patient outcomes through health care technology, Russ decided to shift gears when his parents went through their times in hospice. Russ cared for his parents during their illnesses and discovered how beneficial having a knowledgeable insurance professional can be.

Russ brings his passion for helping others to all clients in all walks of life. He listens to his clients? needs and concerns and offers valuable information on health care insurance as well as life, long term care, and annuities, should a client ask. Whether it?s Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplements and Drug Plans, Russ assists clients in finding the right insurance for them.

Russ holds a degree in mathematics from Elon University and through the years has worked with a number of Fortune 500 insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare delivery companies on the technology side of their businesses. Russ is the proud father of three grown professionals, in addition to recently becoming a new grandfather. Family and friends (and his dogs) are his greatest joys.

Give Russ a call today and see what a relaxed and informative insurance meeting feels like.

Client Testimonials:
“Russ, you have been our ?go to? guy for several years. We appreciate how you have personally taken the time to meet with my husband and me on many occasions. Your expertise has guided us through obtaining life insurance, Medicare and supplemental insurance as well as always giving us the best suggestions for long term care and other needs. You are a welcomed wealth of information, responsive to our requests, very personable, patient and caring. We can trust your recommendations are always in our best interest. Will we continue to rely on you as future needs arise? You bet!”?Thanks for all,?Susan Tughan ? Sammamish

“Russ Worley is simply amazing. He has helped my mom with Medicare and Medicare supplements as well as myself and my daughter with individual health plans. Russ was also incredibly helpful to me when my mom was ill and when she died regarding her long-term care policies, their allowances and potential reimbursements.

Healthcare and insurance is becoming increasingly complicated. Thank god for Russ who is patient, knowledgeable and goes way beyond the call of duty to help others. I couldn’t be more grateful and I know my mom felt just the same.”?Jane



(888) 572-8090

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